Autoship Policy

There are two different types of autoships one may have with Green Compass, Inc.

Autoship for a Product Order

By choosing the autoship option at checkout, users will enjoy a 20% off discount on the products they have chosen to include in their reoccurring order. This order will process automatically on the same day each month, unless modified or cancelled by the customer.

By selecting the Autoship option, customers agree to having the cost of the order charged to their card on file every month until they modify or change the order.

Should a customer require assistance with making changes to an order, please contact our Customer Support HelpDesk at:

Autoship for a Back Office Fee

Each Green Compass Advocate will be charged a monthly Back Office Fee of $9.99. This is a mandatory reoccurring order for every Advocate regardless of active status, order volumes, or rank.

By enrolling as an Advocate, individuals are agreeing to pay this monthly fee of $9.99.

Should an Advocate request cancellation of this fee, their Advocate account will be terminated and they will no longer be eligible to receive commissions or participate in the business opportunity.